Privacy Policy – Website Content

NMEFEN is a non-profit membership organization. We do not collect personal information from the public or our members via our website.



We collect some unspecified information:

To improve our site, we collect some information automatically. Our site uses Google analytics to generate detailed statistics about  our website traffic and traffic sources. We collect various information such as pages viewed, date and time, and browser type. IP addresses are used to determine domain type and geographic region etc. This helps us to understand more about the visitors who view our site.

Links to other web sites:

Our site contains some links that navigate you to other websites. Once you click on any one of these links, you will directly enter another site. Those external websites do not operate under our privacy policy so you may wish to check out the privacy policy mentioned on those sites.

Renewal of our approach to privacy:

We may update our privacy policy whenever necessary. So if you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to write to us or contact